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About Us
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Club News
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May 1st

Free Entertainment

Special Food & Drink Pricing


5 PM - ???
We are still looking for donations to help fill those Easter baskets for our Sunshine Angel children. 
Help make a small child's Easter by supporting this activity.
You can bring those items to one of our events or contacting one of the board members.
April 26
2nd Annual Light Rail Pub Crawl
April 19
We will be stuffing 54 baskets for the children of Sunshine Angels.

To help email
You can help by stuffing, giving a monetary donation or with items for the baskets.

Help us make some little children happy for the holiday.
Click Here for Details
April 18
House Concert

Brent is back in-town for a 1 show engagement
7 PM - 10 PM
Ferralli's Backyard Beach
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Click Here for Details
"Bring a Drink, Bring a Friend..get ready for some FUN entertainment"
Easter Bag Stuffing
2014 Membership Dues Waived
In recognition of Club Agave's 5th Anniversary ...All Club Friends on Facebook and/or Google are now Club Agave Members for 2014

Please enjoy the next year as a member and feel free to attend any of our Club Events and Activities

Thanks to all of those who have supported Club Agave and contributed to it's success